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High Quality Ceramic Coating Application

Take Cleaning Your Car to the Next Level – Make it Easier

You don’t need to scrub your vehicle all day anymore – ceramic coatings makes cleaning you car easier. Ceramic coatings provide long-lasting protection to your vehicles paintwork, protecting it from elements. Not only does it help keep your car clean, but it provides an ultra-glossy, tough, and water repellant barrier that helps dirt and grime away. 

Make cleaning your car effortless and book a ceramic coating appointment with us!

Protect Your Car and Make Cleaning Easier

We do it all at Benjamin’s Window Tinting & Detailing

Our technicians are skilled in ceramic coating application to make your car look cleaner, resistant to minor scratches, and easier to clean. The coating blends in with your paint to give it extra shine.

It’s important to apply ceramic coating properly in order to provide protection and to avoid dirt and grime in the future. Book a ceramic coating appointment today to protect your car and it give it back its shine.

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