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Ben Wodarek was introduced to the automotive industry at the age of 14 by detailing cars. He worked after school, at his father’s detail shop until college. During college he missed working with cars early on, ultimately almost dropping out of school. Ben did not take the easy road by quitting, but instead he graduated college on the dean’s list. He went back to his father’s detail shop longing to take over the family business. Ben took the risk by disregarding his college degree and learned a new trade, window tinting. With a new family on the way, his plan could not fail. Ben had many struggles and hardships, and after a few months, he figured it out. He took his knowledge, tinted for various shops, and took the jump to opening up his own business.

He has been through many difficult situations, but always comes out on top due to drive and determination. Ben seems to be the common underdog story that cannot be stopped. Many times in his life he has been doubted, and told he would not amount to anything. Not once has this ever stopped or slowed him down on his dreams. Ben has earned a college degree, and is the owner of a thriving tint shop. While other businesses fail, his shop grows. Choosing this shop for your automotive needs is more than buying products, it’s gaining a family.

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